We unearth young voices in response to the crisis.

What are we doing?

We are looking for analyses that critically engage with social phenomena, especially in- equalities. For this we believe it is important for the author to be aware of the positionality they hold within global power structures. We are looking for diverse perspectives that imagine and inspire a more socially just and ecologically sustainable way of living together.


Discriminating contributions of any kind are not accepted. In the first place we aim at supporting each other to edit and - for those who want - to publish the work in any kind of public newspapers, magazines, blogs, transnational initiatives or networks covering diverse themes (political, economic, eco- logical, cultural, artistic, etc.). The pieces should thus be made in a manner that is approachable to a diverse public. Secondly, we would like to link the contributions with each other through collecting, grouping and publishing them. We will jointly decide whether this will be an analog or digital magazine.


Whats the background for our initiative?


The COVID-19 pandemic and its different consequences have entailed a severe social crisis that has thrown many people around the world into intense precarity. These dangerous situations arise from an already fragile, unsustainable, and socially unjust global system which we have been living in. The current crisis highlights the urgent need for structural change more than any other event that our generation has seen. However visions of what this change may look like seem to vary from the call for profound socio-ecological transformation to the desire to “go back to normal” to an even greater emphasis on capitalist accumulation and politics of control. Yet, the latter propositions neglect that it is exactly this state of normality that has ac- celerated and aggravated the current crisis for many people. We then ask: What changes would we want to see and how do we support one another through these shared and diverse ideas for transformation?

To further nourish the growth of transformative seeds it is necessary to create wider public aware- ness of problems and their possible solutions around the world. Therefore, we want to enlarge critical analyses of the contexts in which various precarious situations evolved and push for more discussion of alternatives in the larger public debate. We also believe that a more empathetic and solidary net of humanity is necessary. Building stronger relations around the globe is central to this aim. Having grown up in an increasingly globalised and digitalised world, young people will take an important role in this initiative - both in influencing the public discourse and political decision making. We thus believe it is essential to now express our critique and perspectives on the crisis and necessary social transformations.

‘What do young people think about this’ is a common question to hear and one hard to answer as an individual. We want to bring together thoughts and perspectives on the global contexts of this crisis as well as visions for the future of young people around the world. We are looking for a variety of voices, with all kinds of backgrounds and perspectives. No voice is too small to contribute.

We would love to hear from you! Do you want to submit?
We accept a variety of different submissions. In the form of writing,
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