Tools to reflect

In reflecting on any specific or broad aspect of the crisis and your imagination of necessary change, your contribution should be related to the following question:

In light of the global issues revealed or enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you imagine a path to a better future?

In answering the question, we believe it is essential to encompass the bigger (global) picture of the issues you’re looking at. You can begin by contextualising how the current sit- uation came about and why specific changes are so necessary. For example, what have you seen change over the past years, what fears have emerged that were not there before, what solutions have you observed flourish? We want to hear about your personal experi- ence as well as what is happening around you.


What should the contribution look like?

We want to welcome varied forms of expres- sions, so the main condition is for the con- tributions to be approachable to a diverse audience, delivered in a way that can be un- derstandable to people from different back- grounds. You may write an essay, a reflection, a short story, a poem, etc. You may write in any language that you feel comfortable with. Your contribution should not exceed 1500 words. We also want to encourage non-written for- mats, so please feel free to submit artworks, cartoons or photographs / photo-essays if that is your means of expressing yourself.


What are your next steps?


The deadline already passed for submission; however, we don´t want to limit creative output if you have only recently found the project. Please contact us, if you feel strongly about wanting to be part of the magazine!

If you want to become part of this initiative, help edit or translate, let us know in the form. For any other queries or ideas, please write us an email:

We have come up with a variety of relevant aspects that can serve you as inspiration:

  • Humanity

  • Conviviality

  • Solidarity

  • Collectivity&

  • Individualism

  • Financial crisis

  • Debt

  • Capitalism

  • Degrowth

  • (Care-)Work

  • Global relationality

  • Borders

  • Nationalism

  • Authoritarianism


Beyond these, feel free to write about any topic you consider relevant.

  • Social inequality

  • Justice

  • Education

  • Gender

  • Feminism

  • Ecology & Climate Crisis

  • Social security

  • Health

  • Food & Housing

  • Mobility & Migration

  • Imperialism

  • Coloniality & Racism